When a Pediatric Root Canal May Be Necessary

Pediatric Root Canal Peekskill, NY

A pediatric root canal is sometimes necessary to prevent the loss of a decayed or damaged baby tooth. Although the goal is to prevent dental cavities and tooth infections, they can still develop, especially in young children (who, on average, are more prone to cavities than teens and adults). It is essential to quickly detect the signs of a cavity or tooth infection that will require a pediatric root canal.

Signs and symptoms that indicate a need for a pediatric root canal

Adults usually know when an oral health concern is serious and requires prompt care. However, children may be unable to detect and communicate the signs effectively. This means the parent is responsible for checking for the most common signs and symptoms and seeking pediatric dental care if they are present. Here are the most common symptoms and signs that indicate a need for a pediatric root canal.

Visible signs of a deep dental cavity

Perhaps the most obvious sign of a deep dental cavity is a visible hole in the tooth that is notably large. The child may be able to feel the cavity with their tongue or see it while inspecting their teeth in the mirror. That said, it can be challenging to detect cavities, especially those in the hard-to-reach areas of the teeth. For this reason, all children should visit the pediatric dentist every four to six months for a check-up. The dentist can check all areas of the teeth and detect any cavities before they worsen.

Severe tooth pain and sensitivity

Visiting the pediatric dentist whenever a child reports tooth discomfort is vital. A tooth that requires a root canal procedure is likely to cause severe discomfort. This is especially the case if it has become infected. In this case, the pain may be constant and affect the child’s ability to function. If there is only a cavity and no infection, it may only hurt while eating or when exposed to hot or cold temperatures.

Swollen and painful gums

Deep dental cavities and tooth infections often impact the gums. Specifically, they may become swollen, tender, and discolored due to an infection inside of a tooth’s root. This is a serious symptom, as a severe tooth infection that is not promptly treated could spread to other parts of the mouth and body and cause a more severe health concern. Also, swollen and painful gums that result from a deep dental cavity indicate that the tooth may not last long without a pediatric root canal procedure.

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