Tips in Preparing Children for an Orthodontic Treatment

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Orthodontic treatments have undeniably improved over the years, thanks to the continuous advances brought by technology. Nowadays, even young children can undergo the said procedure to fix teeth imperfections early instead of when they reach the teenage years. But since parents know some of the struggles associated with orthodontics, they are quite hesitant to let their children experience any of these.

That said, with our help at Gentle Care Pediatric Dentistry, parents are assured that their children are in good hands. Besides, we prepared a list of tips to help in putting them at ease about the process of having their teeth straightened.

orthodontic treatment for teens

Discuss the treatment with the child

Talking to the child will help them know more about the said treatment and the reason why it is essential. Let them know that there are various types of orthodontic appliances available which would surely fit their preferences and needs. It is ideal if parents will do research together with their children about orthodontics to make it more interesting. Encouraging them to ask the dental professional about everything they need to know is best.

Explain the things that would take place

Let the child know all the possible things they may experience and explain that those are normal. Doing so can help in easing their nerves since they will have an idea of the things that would take place. Make sure that the process provided is based on the service they are availing, like if it is for metal braces or aligners since both are different.

Purchase orthodontic wax

This tip is ideal for those who opted in undergoing the traditional approach. Among the other orthodontic treatments, the one that uses brackets and wires can cause a child to experience mouth sores and irritations. Although this is temporary, using the wax can provide relief from pain.

Stock up on soft foods

The placement of an orthodontic appliance is not painful. It is actually the pressure applied to the teeth to guide them on their proper places. To help them get the vitamins and nutrients they need through foods without adding up to the discomfort, giving them soft foods is highly ideal. Giving them chilled foods also have the added benefit of alleviating sores.

Let them know the benefits of orthodontic treatment

Wearing braces for children can be frustrating, so reminding them about the things that can be achieved with its help is best. Orthodontic treatments are temporary, but they can sure provide lasting or even permanent fix that can help children until they grow older.

At Gentle Care Pediatric Dentistry, some of the appliances our patients can take advantage of include braces, special fixed appliances, aligners, palatal expander, and removable retainers. To know which one is best suited for a child, scheduling Examination and Consultation, as well as Diagnosis and Treatment Sequencing at our practice, is best.

Everyone deserves outstanding dental care services, that is why we provide Orthodontics in Peekskill, NY for the little ones! Book their appointment with us at Gentle Care Pediatric Dentistry and let us help them achieve beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting smiles.