3 Tips to Reduce Your Child’s Anxiety to Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extraction for kids’ point of view may be nerve-wracking. Commonly, a child may feel frightened upon hearing about tooth extraction. 

Tooth extraction is the removal of the damaged tooth out of its socket. The dentist would consider several reasons why your child’s tooth should be extracted. One reason to have their tooth removed is due to decay or injury. Another reason may include the obstruction caused by the baby teeth, hindering the permanent teeth from coming out fully.

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At Gentle Care Pediatric Dentistry, we offer sedation dentistry service, which includes laughing gas, hospital-based general anesthesia, and IV sedation. Sedation dentistry will help ease the child’s anxiety when undergoing treatment or procedures like tooth extraction. Fears and an extreme burst of emotions during the procedure is only common. The said service will not only help relax the child but also provide a painless and positive dental experience.

If this still hasn’t convinced you enough, here are some tips on what you should do in preparation for your child’s dental procedure.

Educate your child on why is tooth extraction needed

A better understanding of why the tooth should be extracted is helpful. Explain thoroughly on what are the possible outcomes and complications if the tooth is not removed from their mouth. 

Acquaint your child with what to expect in the tooth extraction procedure

Usually, a child reacts differently to situations that they are not familiar with. Human as we are, we would sometimes find it hard coping up to a new environment; this is the same for the child. The words dental clinic and hospitals create an adverse reaction to the child’s innocent mind. Their unfavorable past experiences often trigger these negative reactions, and rumors heard from others.

Often, these words are associated with pain in their innocent mind. So, take time to have them familiarize with the tooth extraction procedure to reduce their stress.

Give your child enough time to rest

Rest is essential for both pre and post-procedure. This may enable the child to be relaxed and at ease on the day of their appointment.

After your child’s procedure, it is best if you follow the post-care treatment. Through it, your child’s wound would heal faster, and further complications can be avoided.

Your children also deserve outstanding dental care services! We provide Teeth Extractions in Peekskill, NY. Book their appointment with us at Gentle Care Pediatric Dentistry and let us help them achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!