3 Things Your Pediatric Dentist Didn’t Tell You About Child’s Dental Care

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Have your kids been very hesitant and tends to avoid dental appointments? Learn what your dentist at Gentle Care Pediatric Dentistry has to say in keeping your children involved in their oral health and it would be better to have your children scheduled in advance for a hassle-free initial visit to their pediatric dentists.

Here are a few things that parents and kids need to know for an enjoyable and stress-free dental visit and why Pediatric dentist a go-to for this appointment:

early child's dental care

Not all dentists are alike

When visiting a dentist for the first time, children are too anxious for their dental appointments. Pediatric dentist, who specializes in children’s dental needs, first gauges their patient’s anxiety level, allowing them to give suitable interventions based on each of their patient’s needs. Pediatric dentist assures that children’s first visit will be a breeze and will feel at ease on their initial dentist encounter. Gentle Care Pediatric Dentistry provides techniques for dental care and informs parents about the growth and development of their children’s teeth.

An early dental home is important.

Oral care must be as critical as taking care of anybody, and the formation of children’s early dental care is highly necessary. Every baby tooth will fall off, but it is vital to keep it healthy for it will be the foundation of good looking teeth. Get them started as early as they’ve celebrated their first birthday. “One of the first actions parents and caregivers should take is to establish a Dental Home with a pediatric dentist,” says American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) President Dr. James Nickman. Gentle Care Pediatric Dentistry educates their young patients by explaining, showing, and allowing them to do proper dental hygiene on their own while having close supervision.

Poor care and diet can sabotage your child’s oral health.

Soon as the children learn to indulge themselves with sweet treats, parents must be wary of cavity buildup on their children’s teeth caused by having too much sugar in their diet. Food rich in sugar and carbohydrates eventually produces acid that causes cavity buildup. Cavities are due to a bacterial infection that destroys the tooth’s enamel and causes holes leading to a painful sensation. Good dental hygiene and a well-balanced diet can resolve cavities. Complete checkups, full examination, and fluoride treatment also help apart from regular brushing one’s teeth twice a day for two minutes. Gentle Care Pediatric Clinic also offers these services allowing children to have better smiles and healthy teeth.

Gentle Care Pediatric Dentistry is always ready to take action involving you and your child’s oral health. If you want to experience secure and friendly dental services for your children early dental care in Peekskill, NY, contact us and book your appointment now.